Bunny Stats

All the bunny info at your fingertips.  From the best sellers to volume charts

Bunny Minting Stats

The total number of bunnies minted, owned and average price based on OpenSea data only (this does not show offchain/Rarible sales).


Total number of bunnies minted since Dec 2020


Total number of bunny owners


Average price of bunny in ETH

Most Valuable Rarebit Bunnies

These are the top four most  valuable bunnies currently. Their value is based on rarity, age and type

Bunnies by Volume (Since Launch of Token at #57)

Around mint #55 the Rarebit Bunny token was launched ($RAREBIT). This has since been trackable on the blockchain. THe chart below displays total volume since launch of that token directly from the OpenSea API.

Current Gas Price

The low, mid and high price of Ether gas currently. These numbers are fed directly from Etherscan.org so accurate as of the time you loaded this page.


15 gwei

0 mins 45 secs


15 gwei

0 mins 45 secs


15 gwei

0 mins 45 secs